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Effective marketing of luxury properties can be complex, Derek has streamlined the process to ensure that your home receives the best and most effective exposure possible. Industry leading marketing and advertising professionals working together to develop a customized marketing plan that includes a strategic combination of print advertising, world class photography, professional writing, video production and online campaigns that cannot be rivaled.


Our photographers are experienced and professional, and they take the time to capture the beauty and uniqueness of your property. We provide photography services at no cost to you so that we can showcase your home in the best possible way.


Dedication to detail and an ability to portray your home’s value through words ensures each property we represent receives the highest level of individualized marketing and communication.

Incredible VIDEO

The power of video cannot be overstated. It is widely considered the most powerful medium in modern real estate. Our professional videographers capture your home’s true style and essence, while providing prospective buyers with an unforgettable journey into the lifestyle your home provides. Your property will stand out from the rest.


Our exclusive database of high-net-worth home buyers includes more than 5,000 contacts with impressive reach that encompasses all backgrounds and lifestyles. By exposing your property to this vast array of potential buyers, Derek brings your home directly to those who are most interested in luxury coastal real estate.


87% of buyers in the market place begin their search online. Did you know that all online real estate platforms (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Redfin, etc.) utilize algorithms to feature specific homes and leave others in the dark. Derek is an expert in exploiting these algorithms to make your property the center of attention on each of these platforms.